Marie Classic

Baked to perfection, Cremica Marie Classic is simplicity at its best. These light and crispy biscuits made from choicest wheat and natural fibre are sure to become everyone’s favourite in no time. The promise of an easy accompaniment to evening tea or coffee, is what Cremica Marie Classic brings to the table!


Nutritional Information per 100g of Biscuits (Approx.):
Energy                                        441 Kcal
Carbohydrates                            79.7 g
Of which Sugars                         22.5 g
Fat                                              10.7 g
Trans Fatty Acids                        0 g
Cholesterol                                  0 mg
Protein                                        7.5 g
• Total trans fat content not more than 0.0 per cent by weight
• Total saturated fat content not more than 5.7 per cent by weight


50gm, 89gm, 250gm