Safety is one of the prime goals at Cremica. The pledge to maintain safety of its people is adhered to by conducting regular safety camps at factories and facilities to equip employees with the best in class safety measures such as first-aid training, health training, PPE exhibitions, demonstrations and firefighting.


Cremica has initiated several activities as part its safety management program -

  • Safety week celebrations to enhance the awareness of safety practices.
  • Adopting engineering controls for all rotating parts to avoid potential accidents.
  • On-the-job training to workmen on safe work practices.
  • Visual display for better understanding on hazards and risks.
  • Regular Mock drills as part of Emergency Response System.

Women employment and empowerment


We are an equal employment opportunity company and are focused to provide a safe work environment to our women colleagues. A lot of time is dedicated to help women grow and discover their capabilities.
At Cremica women are encouraged to work towards improving their living standards and get empowered to be self-sufficient. Monthly women forums are organized at our factories where the women employees can address their concerns and seek support.


Employee engagement activities and Youth development


Several forum meetings and friendly sports matches are conducted regularly at Cremica factories to maintain a motivated task force and happy employees.