Cremica is committed to conserve natural resources and make our environment safe.

A pilot program ‘WOW’War On Wastage has recently been launched and ever since the launch of the program,
Cremica has reduced the connected load by more than 100 hp (75 kw).


Here are few of the significant improvements in operations that have been initiated over the last couple of years at Cremica

  • Cleaner Fuels – The factories have adopted liquid fuels recently. The shift from gaseous fuels has helped the firm reduce a significant amount of emissions and cost.
  • Energy Efficiency - The successful replacement of all tube lights with LED at all the factories has helped the company become energy efficient and make a significant difference to the environment by conserving energy.
  • Save water – Cremica has achieved a significant amount of reduction in water consumption by decreasing consumption and increasing recycling. The factories and offices are well-equipped with water conservation facilities. Of late, the use of treated water at factories for plantation and urinals has helped reduce water consumption.

Manufacturing excellence


The company is continuously working towards improving operations and processes in every possible way to bring efficiency while bringing a positive change to the environment. Implementation of lean manufacturing tools like Kaizen, 5 S, Six sigma, Andon system, Poke Yoke, Value stream mapping showcase the efficient operations and processes at


Go Green '100 more trees'


Cremica is taking small steps every year towards a greener India. The Bector family along with factories and facilities have pledged to plant 100 saplings a year for a better environment.