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We are a Family, The MBFSL Family

We want to become a world class and most trusted biscuit & bakery manufacturer, creating healthier and great tasting products; continuously working with unflinching discipline and hard work, ensuring prosperous future for our work force.

We Believe

We at MBFSL believe in structure & regime, which is reflected through our hard work and integrity with a zeal for realizing our dreams and our vision.

We Inspire

Creativity is at the bottom of all our efforts to bring our customers the best there is to offer. As a family, we nudge and inspire each other to uphold our beliefs and achieve excellence in the face of daunting challenges and intense competition. We are dynamic and embrace technology to drive results and hold aspirations that circle the globe.

We care

Diversity is how we like to see our family growing. Our team is a melting pot of various cultures, generations, age groups and genders, who are passionate about making a difference in their respective fields.


Cremica is an organisation which believes in both employee and customer satisfaction. My experience in this organisation has been astounding. The internal work environment of Cremica exceeds any organisation for which I’ve worked.

I have been working in Cremica for 1.5 years now. I feel that this organisation provides a great platform to grow as an individual. I’m glad to have given a chance to work here.

I have been working with Cremica in the capacity of export business development manager for 8 years now. I feel very fortunate to work in an organization with a supportive and nurturing environment.

The past 8 months that I have been working with Cremica has turned out to be really fruitful. I can see my learning graph rise up with each passing day. The best thing about working in this organization is the amalgamation of seasoned professionals and young enthusiastic entrants.

I have been working with Cremica for a year and a half now. My journey in this organisation has been incredible. I feel that the growth for any individual here is prodigious.

I have been with Cremica for a year and a half now. The growth that I have seen during my work tenure is just tremendous. Cremica is a platform that provides scope for both innovation and change-driven approach. The learning here is limitless.